Vancouver - Future of Tourism - May 31st

I had an incredible experience being in Vancouver to attend the Future of Tourism evening featuring G Adventures. The evening included discussions and debate about how tourism can be sustainable, something that G Adventures has been very passionate about for over 20 years. This is one of the many reasons I'm proud to sell G Adventures!
Some of the speakers included:

G Adventures Founder - Bruce Poon Tip
Here are some of the key points I took away from this event:

- Travel is still a privilege, not to be taken for granted.
- With so many options today you need to know what YOU want, what YOUR values are.
- Look for companies that emulate what you believe in, do your research.
- Believe that there is a higher purpose from travel.
- We are all collectively capable of extraordinary things, we can change the world.
- Today the world is changing. We have economic crisis, energy crisis and environmental crisis. Sustainability must become a priority.
- What kind of a tourist are you/do you want to be? Eco/Green/Sustainable/Responsible/Ethical?

Reasons why G Adventures is a great sustainable company you should travel with:
- In 2003 created the non-profit organization, Planeterra to give back to, and protect destinations they travel to.
- Has coordinated relief aid for a number of disasters including the earthquake in Haiti and droughts in East Africa.
- Committed to and understanding of you as the traveler, offer lifetime deposits.
- The biggest tour operator on the Inca Trail, with over 300 employees benefiting from your tourist dollars.
- Voted by National Geographic as the #1 Adventure Tour Company in the world out of over 260!
- Committed to a triple bottom line, people/planet/ with a company culture that values passion and purpose.

This is a video will give you a taste of G Adventures:

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