Know before you go

There is one word I hear all the time, CHEAP. People always ask for cheap deals, cheap vacations. I hope to change your point of view on this word today.
- A cheap toy could be one that is made of poor quality materials or poor workmanship that will not last very long in use.
- A cheap piece of clothing could be again made with poor quality of materials or poor workmanship.
- A cheap house could be too small or too old to properly suit your needs.
- A cheap car may need repairs soon after purchasing.
So, do you REALLY want a cheap vacation that might not be everything you want it to be?
What you should be looking for is not the cheapest, or the lowest price. But what is going to be the best VALUE for your vacation dollar?
It may not be that all inclusive package for $599, you might enjoy your well deserved relaxation time better if you go to the resort that costs $799 and has better service, food and is just overall a nicer property.
You will arrive happier and faster if you take the direct flight that cost $100 more as opposed to the flight that had one stop but you had to deal with a nasty US customs agent or a delayed flight.
Maybe instead of taking two separate one week trips this year to a sun destination, you might enjoy crossing that African safari off of your bucket list more.

So, the next time you're planning to travel, please remember that 'cheap' shouldn't be in your vocabulary but VALUE should.

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BEST VALUE:  My mission is to provide you with the best value possible. I can give you accurate information and advice about promotions and product quality. I am here to help you get the best value for your travel dollar.

LOCAL:  Support a business in your community rather than an online agency!

EXPERT GUIDANCE:  I make my living on knowing the intricacies of the travel business. I have the experience and the credentials. Go ahead and take advantage of my professional expertise!

UNBIASED INFORMATION:  I work for you, not the suppliers. I want you to be happy with your travel experience. Repeat business and referrals are my biggest compliment!

CHOICE:    I give you a variety of options from a host of suppliers. I am a full service travel agent and can handle all aspects of your travel, from air tickets and hotel reservations, to car rentals, transfers, tours and insurance.

CUSTOMER ADVOCATE:  In the event of a problem, before, during, or after your travel, I am here for you!

TIME:   Let me save you time. I have the contacts and information at my fingertips. Give me your wish list and leave it in my professional hands.

" Without a Travel Agent You're on Your Own "


Top 10 reasons to purchase insurance:

1. You have to cancel your trip due to unexpected illness or injury to you or a family member... Transat Travel Insurance will reimburse the pre-paid non-refundable insured amount.

2. You get sick or have an accident while travelling.  Even minor stomach problems and unexpected falls can add up ... our Emergency Medical Coverage covers you for up to $10,000,000, offers 24/7 assistance and provides up-front payments in the case of medical emergencies whenever possible.

3. You need to return home early when a family member at home is injured or unexpectedly becomes ill. Unfortunately it happens ... and may cost $2,000 - $3,000 per person.

4. You missed your flight or connection due to bad weather, mechanical failure or a schedule change ... we'll catch you up and reimburse the costs.

5. Your baggage is lost... it's always a possibility.  You will be reimbursed for up to $1,500.

6. It's not an emergency, but you want some travel tips, restaurant recommendations or business services ... our Concierge Club Plan and help you out.

7. Insurance and deductibles for rental car damage can prove to be very expensive ... our Rental Car Physical Damage Plan is very affordable, covers you for up to $50,000 and has no deductible.

8. The Canadian government issues a new warning not to travel to your destination ... you'll be reimbursed.

9. Your tour or cruise company declares bankruptcy or ceases operations... you can be protected.

10. You can relax and enjoy your trip... without worry.

Need more convincing?
How much did it cost?

Here are some recent claims examples:

Emergency appendectomy:    $16,000
Wouldn't you rather have: A 2008 Toyota Yaris $15,605

Broken foot in motorcycle accident:    $7,900
Wouldn't you rather have: A Pioneer 60" Widescreen Plasma HDTV    $6,999

Treatment for a brain aneurysm:    $298,000
Wouldn't you rather have: A waterfront condo    $298,900

Las Vegas to Victoria air ambulance:    $22,400

Wouldn't you rather have: A Cunard World Cruise for 106 nights    $21,590